How to use ArriveCAN ? (pdf)

Are you planning to travel to Canada?

As part of Canada’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, all eligible travellers are required to provide essential information at arrival and after entry into Canada.

ArriveCAN is a user-friendly digital tool to help travellers comply with these border measures quickly and securely. It is available as a mobile app or by signing in online. Using ArriveCAN may also help to speed up the process at the border and limit your contact with others.

If you are travelling to Canada by air, it is now mandatory to use ArriveCAN to submit your information digitally before you board your flight. You will be required to submit your contact and travel information; your quarantine plan and a COVID-19 symptom self-assessment. You must be ready to show your ArriveCAN receipt when seeking entry into Canada; a border services officer will verify that you have submitted your information digitally.

All travellers, whether by air, land or sea must provide information digitally after they arrive in Canada. Within 48 hours of entering Canada, travellers must confirm they have arrived at their place of quarantine or isolation and provide a daily COVID-19 symptom self-assessment during their quarantine period.

This must be done through ArriveCAN or by calling the 1-833-641-0343 toll-free number.

Find out if you are eligible to travel to Canada, and be sure you are ready to comply with the new mandatory requirements before you travel.

Use ArriveCAN by signing in online or by downloading the mobile app through Google Play or the App store.

All the government information to enter Canada.