Wellcome to Canada!

In Canada, the rights of all workers are protected by law. It is important that you understand your rights while you are in Canada as a temporary foreign worker.

Here are a few things you need to know:

  • Your employer must:
    •  pay you for your work;
    • ensure that your workplace is safe;
    • give you break time and days off;
    • respect the terms of your written contract.

  • Your employer cannot:
    • force you to perform duties that you were not hired or trained to do;
    •  force you to work if you are sick or injured;
    •  take your passport or work permit away from you;
    •  have you deported from Canada or change your immigration status;
    • make you pay them back for fees they paid to hire you.

Other laws that protect workers can be different depending on where you work in Canada. If you have questions about the laws that apply to you, please contact the employment standards office in the province or territory where you are working.

It is your right to contact these offices and visit these websites.You do not need anyone’s permission and an employer cannot penalize you or have you deported for contacting them.

Crédit photo : Elena Mozhvilo