The information in this section will be useful for the rest of your stay in Canada, after the initial quarantine period has elapsed.

For the rest of your stay in Canada, to avoid the spread of COVID-19, you (as well as all Canadians) are asked to:

  • Stay at home unless you have to go to work
  • Avoid all non-essential trips in your community
  • Do not gather in groups
  • Limit contact with people at higher risk, such as older adults and those in poor health
  • Go outside to exercise but stay close to home

If you leave your home, always keep a distance of at least 2 arms lengths (approximately 2 metres) from others. People you live with do not need to distance from each other unless they are sick or have travelled in the last 14 days.

If you become sick, please follow the same health advice as provided in Section 3.

Reminder: While in Canada, it is important to keep track of the hours you work.

Photo credit : Kevin Grieve